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The balcony is more than just a fabric area. Of course, if anyone wants to make a condominium in the balcony. There are hundreds of ideas for you to create a great area to benefit the area as well as many other activities as well as today we bring 5 cool ideas to leave each other who are wanting. Make your own condo anyway. Let’s keep up the good ideas. These are the same. That sure to you.


Change of living space in the room. The living room is outdated. Forgetting the area to dry clothes. Because the condo balcony. Here it can be converted into a living area. Great view, very private. The carpet will be placed on the floor, or chill to choose a set of chairs, a cute chic dress, do not tell anyone.

Sky garden

I do not want to live, but I want to see the sky garden. It is recommended to make a condo. The garden is cool! The cactus garden. Hanging tree Even hydroponics vegetables are good except for the green view. It can also be harvested.

Home of the beloved pet

Which condominiums are allowed to turn? People love animals. The idea of ​​condo decoration. The terrace becomes the home of the beloved pet. The house may be built or added to the door to open the door between the house and animals inside the condo. But do not forget to block the fence or make a wooden lattice for the safety of pets too.

Small private cafe

For chillies like to patrol the cafeteria, take a sip of coffee to try to turn it into a condo. Turn your balcony into a trendy cafe by starting to find the ideas of the favorite cafe, whether it is a Japanese mini-style. European Tropical Loft style cafe Once you have the style you want, then go find the right furniture and put it on your condo!

Luxury Dining Room

In addition to the four ideas. The terrace can be used as a dining area for supper at night. It’s not hard to just start from the Reno-Venetian atmosphere to see the romance with chandeliers. Fill the sweet with a little light. Ready to make a special meal. Whether dating alone or dating with sweetheart. You’ll have plenty of space to indulge in some of the most authentic private dining experiences!

Anyone looking for ideas on a balcony condo, do not forget to take these ideas to apply. Make sure your condo is a space for new activities. It will help to make the atmosphere is not boring anymore.

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